We are two sisters from Mexico with the desire to build products that reflect our creative heritage background, passion for colorful designs, and most of all our love for once in a lifetime parties that can only be experienced with your best friends.


One of us was getting married and wanted a different Bachelorette experience with exclusive products and creative presentations that reflected our lifestyle. So in 2012 “I DO company” was created after the special product kits, of the Bachelorette Party, were a total success among close friends. We started received calls to request product kits for other bachelorettes that were impacted both by the products and their presentations. Photos, Social Media, videos, and a series of personal memories marked the very authentic beginnings of “I DO”. After some time exploring Mexico’s market being the largest online bachelorette supplies store in Mexico, we have decided to expand our vision of fun, classy, and beautiful Bachelorette products and experiences to the United States.

Based in Austin, Tx, our mission is to create special moments that you can share with your best friends and family previous to the wedding. We provide a different and fun experience with unique detailed-oriented product themes that will make your bachelorette party a memorable event. Injecting creativity and fun into this once in a lifetime event (or maybe more) can create an unforgettable moment that every woman dreams of.


We are constantly looking to offer new products and ideas, as for improving our fun and creative experiences to offer the best products and services the bride and her friends deserve.


For more information, please contact us through our website or social networks.

We ship to Mexico and the US.